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We are excited to offer the first ever round of Social Skills Groups in the January 2019 school holidays.

The program has been designed to help children in early primary school years to develop key social skills, before they head back to school in 2019. The groups will be held over five 90 minute sessions, each targeting a different social skill or domain, including:

  1. Understanding body language and non-verbal information
  2. Taking turns in conversation and play
  3. Staying on topic
  4. Empathising and perspective taking
  5. Making friends and developing friendships

Mondays and Fridays at 9:30am from the 7th of January and ending the 21st

Our clinic room at Tuggerah, located on Bryant Dr.

$400 for the entirety of the program.

There are a maximum of four children in the group program. Because numbers are limited, we ask all parents interested in enrolling their children to contact Rylie as soon as possible to secure their spot.