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It can be really difficult to find information as the parent of a toddler with language delays. There’s a lot of different and sometimes conflicting and confusing information to sift through to find answers. Today I wanted to share with you some resources that I like to share with the parents of toddlers that I work with, and that I often refer to myself.


It Takes Two To Talk

I don’t think there’s a single resource in our library that is photocopied as much as this one, it really is that full of information for children at the earliest stages of language development. Hanen is an organisation based in Canada that helps children with communication delays and their parents (and even Speech Pathologists) to communicate better. The It Takes Two To Talk Book is a complementary resource to the parent course of the same name (more info on this under Courses below), but if you’re not able to participate in the course for whatever reason, the book is incredibly helpful on its own.

This book is written for parents, and like the course is designed to make parents better at communicating with their little ones, while helping them to become experts in strategies that will facilitate communication development. It covers finding your child’s stage of development, and then using techniques and activities to meet them where they are.

My Toddler Talks

If you’re looking for ideas of language stimulating activities and routines to do with your late talkers, this is a fantastic resource. In the book Kimberley Scanlon gives parents simple yet powerful language stimulating strategies, and incorporates them into dozens of play based routines that you can easily implement at home (you probably even have a lot of the toys she suggests).

Routines are powerful tools for teaching language skills, and each play routine in the book walks you through exactly what to do. They are so detailed and simply explained that you can’t go wrong. Kimberley includes a beginning, middle and end to each activity, and each gives your child different opportunities to learn communication skills.



Hanen’s It Takes Two To Talk

It Takes Two To Talk is a parent course, designed by Hanen and led by Hanen certified Speech Pathologists, that helps parents of children from birth to 5 with language delays. Using a combination of small group sessions and one-on-one feedback sessions with a Speech Pathologist, this course teaches parents techniques and strategies to facilitate and stimulate their child’s communication development. While the accompanying book I talked about above is an amazing resource, this course expands on the information, and helps parents implement it in their own unique situations with their own unique child.

If you are interested in finding out more about this program, or would like to register to find out when we’re running the next one, click here.


Teach Me To Talk

Laura Mize’s website is one of, if not the most exhaustive online resources for information about late talkers. Laura has over 20 years’ experience working with young children with communication delays, and she shares everything she knows to the enormous benefit of Speech Pathologists and parents alike. She also has a video series on Youtube called Therapy Tip of the Week, where she demonstrates fun little language stimulating activities you can copy at home. If that wasn’t enough, she also has a podcast dedicated to therapy for late talkers with more than 300 episodes (I’m often listening to it in the car driving between clients)!

A favourite post of Laura’s has to be this one: Receptive Language Delay in Toddlers… Advice for Parents

Playing With Words 365

Playing With Words 365 is another enormous blog, and is written mostly for parents of children in Speech Pathology. While not entirely dedicated to the late talking/early intervention population, it does have an enormous number of posts on these topics.

My pick of posts for late talkers: 25+ Best Gifts To Expand Your Child’s Speech Development {Birth To Five}

Where Language Grows

Where Language Grows is my little site where I share my knowledge and passion for working with language delayed toddlers with parents. It’s only small now, but I’m constantly adding new information for parents of late talkers to help their little one’s language to flourish.

It would be unfair to pick a favourite post of my own, so I’ll share my most popular post to date: 5 Early Language Goals to Target with Mr Potato Head



This post originally appeared on our Speech Pathologist Rylie’s blog Where Language Grows. At Where Language Grows Rylie shares her knowledge to help parents of late talkers and children with early communication difficulties.