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Child’s Play Speech Pathology is excited to partner with Preschools and Schools across the Central Coast to provide screening assessments. Communication is an essential skill across the lifespan, and early detection of communication difficulties is an important part of helping children achieve their academic and social potential. Screening assessments are a great way to identify children at risk of experiencing communication difficulty.

About the Screeners

Screening assessments are brief (20 to 30 minute) informal assessments that allow the Speech Pathologist to determine if a child may be experiencing difficulty within their communication development. Within the screening assessments, the following communication domains are observed:

  • Speech sound development
  • Expressive language development
  • Receptive language development
  • Fluency and voice
  • Social development

After the screening assessment is completed, parents are provided with a short checklist style report outlining the results, along with recommendations based on each individual child’s results.


Screening assessments will help to identify children who demonstrated red flags for experiencing communication difficulties, and to determine if one or more of the following may be required:

  • A more in-depth assessment
  • Intervention targeting identified areas of difficulty
  • Referral to additional medical or allied health professionals

Please be aware that screening assessments are not diagnostic, and only provide the Speech Pathologist a brief observation of a child’s communication development. Most children identified as experiencing communication difficulties during the screening assessments will require more in-depth assessment.


Individual screening assessments incur a $75 fee, however, we are happy to offer discounted rates for multiple screening assessments completed in your school or centre on the same day. Our rates for multiple screening assessments are as follows:

1 to 3 children $75 each
4 to 6 children $60 each
6 or more children $40 each

If you would like to discuss organising screening assessments to be completed in your school or centre, please give us a call on 4333 7601, or contact us via our contact page.