13 Fun Facts about Speechies

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If you’ve ever wanted to know more about your Speechie, then this list is for you. Here are thirteen quick and fun facts about what it’s like to be a Speech Pathologist!

  1. Speechies don’t just treat speech, language and stuttering, we also help people who are experiencing difficulty with social skills, literacy, voice quality, swallowing, feeding, and some of us are specialists in voice and accent modification!
  2. Speechies can work with people from birth to death. Here at Child’s Play, most of our clients fall within the 12 months to 12 year age range
  3. Speechies must have a minimum of a Bachelor in Speech Pathology, and apart from Speech Pathology specific topics, we also study psychology, linguistics, biomedical science and neuroscience
  4. Speechies learn to write in the International Phonetic Alphabet, which has a character for every single sound found in all of the world’s languages. This helps us to accurately record the exact sounds your child says. /pɹɪti kul ɹaɪt/
  5. We know the sounds of speech so well (see above) that it drives us crazy when we see alphabet resources with words like “ship” as an example for the S sound (come on, it begins with a “sh” sound not a “s” sound people!)
  6. We secretly love playing with bubbles as much as our kiddos
  7. We (happily) spend a fortune on toys to use in therapy
  8. We know a little too much about vocal hygiene and are always drinking water to keep our vocal chords hydrated
  9. We’re VERY good at finding ways to target goals on the fly when our little friends find all 10 of the activities we’ve brought with us “boring”
  10. We love looking in people’s mouths and are all secretly searching for the elusive double uvula
  11. More than 97 percent of Speechies are women (meaning we need more men!)
  12. The best parts of our job are the little (and big) friends we make along the way
  13. We have the best job in the world!